Welcome to European Movement Cyprus Council

European Movement International

The European Movement International was founded in 1948 to promote the establishment of a united, federal Europe.  Since then, the organization’s 34 national councils have played an essential role in the construction of Europe by informing citizens about the European Union. 

The Cyprus Council

The Cyprus Council was founded in 1992, and have over the years been dedicated to disseminating information on the EU, and engendering the principles of democracy, liberty, and civic participation. 

In 1999 the Cyprus Council created the European Rim Policy and Investment Council (ERPIC), with whom it co-operates closely over several programs.

Over the last decade, this joint effort have primarily been focused on the Eastern Mediterranean region, and the rim of the European Union.

For more information on ERPIC and its activities please visit www.erpic.org

The Cyprus Council and ERPIC are alo founding partners of the EastMedForum (EMF), an online platform for regional co-operation and dialogue.

For more information on the EMF and its activities, please visit www.eastmedforum.org